American Girl Chair

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American Girl Chair

American Girl Chair

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Part 3: American Girl Doll Chair

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You are almost done with the living room set series!   Just a few more pieces to add.  In this tutorial, you will learn the dimensions of the chair, and again it’s almost the same instructions as the couch and loveseat.

Shopping list:

1 – 1/2’’ x 2’ x 4’ Plywood or MDF
Wood Glue
18 Gauge 1’’ or 3/4’’ nails
Lightweight Spackle

Cut List:

1 – Seat – 1/2’’ x 6 3/4’’ x 6 ’’
4 – Legs – 2×2 @ 2’’
1 – Back Rest – 1/2’’ x 5 3/4’’ x 6’’ ( Cut Bottom at 5 degrees
off square)
2 – Arm Rest Support – 1×1 @ 5 1/2’’
2 – Arm Rest – 1×1 @  6 7/16’’


Tape Measure
18 Gauge Nailer
Miter Saw or Circular Saw
Hearing Protection
Safety Glasses
Sanding Block


Step 1:

Take the seat and nail it to all four legs.  You will use the spackle to cover the nail holes before you paint.

American Girl Chair step 1


Step 2:

Attach the back of the chair by using wood glue on the bottom and anilin into place.  You will nail from the bottom of the seat through the bottom of the back of the chair.

American Girl Chair step 2


Step 3:

Now nail the armrest supports into place.  The back of them will be flush with the back of the front legs.

American Girl Chair step 3


Step 4:

To complete the project add the armrests to the arm supports.  Nail them into place and be sure to spackle the holes before painting.

American Girl Chair step 4


Once you sand and paint, add some fun cushions!


American Girl Chair

And your American Girl Doll is ready for a little relaxation in the reading corner.

American Girl Chair

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